22 Gluten Free Flours

A gluten-free diet excludes gluten, a protein composite found in wheat and related grains, including barley and rye. Gluten causes allergy problems for many people on the modern day diet. In addition to common digestion problems and IBS, people who suffer with celiac disease seems to be on the rise. So here is a list of 22 gluten free flours.

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Gluten Free Flours List - Infographic

Gluten Free Flour List

People choose to use gluten free flours for a variety of reasons. Allergies, food intolerances are major reasons today. As we get older commonly we may find we begin developing Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other minor uncomfortable digestion problems often associated with regular flour from the supermarket. Wheat allergies are often the main problem, supermarkets and health food stores are making gluten free products more available. There is also more access to information, books and recipes.

Gluten Free Recipes - Jane Burton
Gluten Free Paleo Recipes Author, Jane Burton

Jane Burton’s Almond Flour Cookbook and Coconut Flour & Milk Recipe book are such examples of the many allergy and gluten free publications.

Gluten Free Flours Guide

  • Almond Flour: milled from dried almonds
  • Arrowroot Flour: starch extracted from rhizomes of plant, usually cassava (thickener)
  • Amaranth Flour: made from the seed of leafy vegetable
  • Banana Flour: milled from dried banana (Use 25% less than regular Flour)
  • Buckwheat Flour: made from ground Rhubarb seeds
  • Brown Rice Flour: milled from brown rice
  • Coconut Flour: milled dried coconut (need more water than regular Flour)
  • Cottonseed Flour: made from ground cottonseed
  • Cornmeal: milled from corn
  • Chick pea Flour: made from ground chick peas (mixed with other Flours)
  • Chia Flour: made from ground chia seeds
  • CornFlour: milled from corn
  • Hemp Flour: milled from ground hemp seeds (refrigerate)
  • Lupin Flour: milled from lupins (peanut-legume family)
  • Millet Flour: milled from grass family (thickener, or flat breads)
  • Milo Flour: milled from sorghumMaize: milled from corn, but heavier texture
  • Potato Flours: made from potatoes (shorter shelf life)
  • Quinoa Flour: made from ground Quinoa (keen-wa) seeds
  • Sesame Flour: ground sesame seeds
  • Soya Flour: made from soya beans (thickener, short shelf life)
  • Tapioca Flour: ground from cassava plant root
  • White Rice Flour: milled from white rice (store in airtight container)

Read more about Gluten free foods at the FDA here.

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Gluten Free Infographic:

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