homemade washing powder

How to make a Natural Homemade Washing Powder

Natural washing powder

If like me you are sensitive to the zero waste trend, it’s time to make your own washing powder. More ecological, softer for the skin but also more economical, natural homemade washing powder has it all.

It’s much easier and quicker to make than the liquid version, but I still prefer the liquid version just because I’ve never been a big fan of powdered detergent. Plus the liquid one just lasts for so much longer! But if you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to whip up a batch of liquid detergent, this recipe for the homemade washing powder will work just as well!

What you need for a natural homemade washing powder

When you see the list of ingredients that go into the composition of cleaning products, it’s scary! They are very toxic, for our health in particular but also for the planet! Read this article if you want to know more about harmful chemicals in laundry detergent. Fortunately, we have natural ingredients that do the job well. Here are the ones that go into the composition of homemade washing powder. And yes, it’s a very short ingredient list:

_ 1 bar of castile soap (or Naptha Flakes or Ivory), finely grated

_ 1 cup borax

_ 1 cup washing soda

_ 5 to 10 drops of essential oils (optional)

The few easy steps to follow

After finely grating the bar of soap, add it to a bowl along with the borax and washing soda. I used the smallest side of the grater to get it really fine.

Whisk together very well to make sure it is all evenly distributed. Then, add the essential oils (if using) and mix very well to distribute the oil throughout. All mixed together. My favorite essential oil for washing powder is Lemon oil. Here is a good natural one.

Put in an air-tight container to prevent clumping.

Use 2-3 tablespoons per load.

So? Convinced by homemade washing powder?

Making homemade powder detergent is not very complicated considering the time it takes and the savings. And above all, which is an essential point for me, homemade cleaning products respect the entire ecosystem. Making these natural homemade products is one of the basics of zero waste. It’s an easy way to less pollute our beautiful planet. We also take care of our health because we control the products we use. Now, if you want to know more about natural cleaning products, you can read our articles about Natural homemade anti bacterial spray and about Vinegar for cleaning.

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