Prime Natural Beauty is all about helping women get back to healthier natural beauty products and foods to make the body feel healthy and energized! We are always on the lookout for alternatives to many of the modern fad diets and cosmetics we are faced with in today’s society. Once we hit 50, common health issues start appearing, so the challenge is to look after our bodies…both inside and out.

about sharing natural food and skin care tips with family

The world we live in now is vastly different from when we were growing up. The changes in diet and way of life are vast. It can be quite difficult understanding which are healthy beauty products to use, and which foods are best to eat. Making the right choices can be a challenge. We are constantly being inundated with advertising and “new” food products that have a list of ingredients longer than our arm! We see the misleading healthy low fat, low sugar, cholesterol free labels everywhere. Little wonder there are so many over weight people in the western world. However, the good news is we can easily take a step back to nature, make better choices about the foods we eat and what we put in our mouths and on our bodies.

As we age, we still want to feel and look our best, but without using harmful unsafe substances or ingredients on/in our bodies, face and skin. It is possible! While we may have mature skin, some wrinkles and a body that doesn’t work quite as well as it used to, we can still strive to look after it! Good food feeds the body from inside out, so a natural healthy diet is very important to feel well and reduce visits to the doctor.

After analyzing many of the old remedies, natural food nutrition and old beauty recipes, we know many worked well for our Moms and Grandmothers. We have all heard it said “that’s an old wives tale” but amazingly much of the time these things worked!

So bottom line is we can find alternatives and make better choices…if we are shown, taught, educated. This is where Prime Natural Beauty wants so help. We love sourcing old tried, tested tips, and proven ingredients and recipes. Today the Paleo diet is close to my heart, because it suggests eating naturally nutritious whole foods, straight from nature without the highly processed rubbish that lines the supermarket aisles. To me this makes pure sense; eating like we used to when growing up. The “damaging” foods just weren’t available then like they are today. While we can’t go backwards, we can be sensible.

Health issues commonly most of us struggle with at our age (prime years) is arthritis, skin care, IBS and often other digestion problems. Again diet is key. We love searching and sharing our alternatives to use on our face and body such as pure essential oils, organic ingredients, natural chemical free moisturizers etc for our skin care beauty routines. Our team is passionate about striving to live a natural lifestyle free of chemicals, processed foods, preservatives and all the other nasties lurking in our foods and beauty products. Of course realistically we will never be totally rid of these modern day products, but we can choose better products where it makes

sense. It’s actually fun making homemade beauty recipes, you may get hooked!

It is a concern of mine that modern day supermarkets are packed with highly processed foods that are usually laden with additives and preservatives. The Paleo diet or natural food lifestyle offers a way to revert back to the basic, common sense approach to eating. Eating organically or growing your own greens, fruits and vegetables all help (plus it keeps us active and fit). Your body will love you for it!

We have a few team members who enjoy researching facts and bringing us wonderfully informative articles and infographics you can share with your friends. Amazon author “Paleo” Jane Burton will also feature some of her Paleo Diet recipe books and we’ll learn more about healthy eating habits in general such as low carb, gluten and dairy free recipes.

In summary; let’s take a common sense approach to what we eat, and what we put in and on our bodies. The hope is we can spread our knowledge of healthier choices onto our family – children and grandchildren.


Enjoy and have a nice day!Natural Beauty

The PrimeNaturalBeauty.Com team