Homemade bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner.

Natural Homemade Anti Bacterial Spray

Lysol is a popular brand of antibacterial spray. I’d venture to guess that your kitchen or bathrooms have been graced with its presence at one point or another. In reality, sprays like Lysol are very hazardous to our health. They contain ingredients like formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, and phenylphenol, a skin, respiratory and mucous membrane irritant, according to the CDC. To avoid those armful chemicals, I prefer more natural options, and one of them it’s the DIY. Here is my natural homemade anti bacterial spray recipe.

Homemade bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner.

What to Use to make a natural homemade anti bacterial spray?

Good old soap and water is just as effective at killing germs – and it’s cheaper, less hazardous, and doesn’t require the use of protective gloves or safety goggles.

But when you need to quickly spray down your counters or other surfaces, making a homemade, all-natural anti bacterial spray is the way to go. Instead of nasty, toxic chemicals, I like to harness the powers of essential oils. The oils I use each have individual properties which make them great choices for an antibacterial spray:

Some essential oils are amazing for cleaning and can help with some health issues. Here are complete articles about the benefits of Tea Tree oil and the benefits of Lavender oil.

This recipe is an easy one. When making this natural homemade spray, you can play a bit and choose the essential oils you prefer or have in stock. If you want to know more about natural cleaning, please read the article I wrote about Vinegar for cleaning.

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