Uses for Argan Oil

~ Benefits & Uses for Argan Oil ~

Argon Oil Uses Infographic

The Argan oil is a non-fragrant plant oil expressed from the tree kernels. Uses for Argan Oil are numerous because it contains several beneficial lipids and fatty acids for skin; mostly beneficial being linoleic acid also oleic acid and palmitic acid. It is a good source of vitamin E (tocopherol) and a source of antioxidant compounds. Argan oil is a good, emollient plant oil. It’s used for dry skin care and hair and is popularly used in cosmetics.

Extra Virgin organic Argan oil, like many of the Mediterranean oils have proven their worth when it comes to better health and lowering bad cholesterol. Studies have found that similar to Olive oil, Argan oil improves cholesterol.

Used as a carrier oil, it can be used to make your own Argan Oil Uses - Pure Argan Oil Amazonhomemade mature skin care recipes including pure essential oils.

Only buy 100% pure top quality organic Argan oil, not a blend, or you are compromising both quality and price for value.

Argan Oil Recipe for Dry Skin

Add up to 15 drops of your favorite Pure Essential Oils per fluid ounce (6 tsp) of Argan Oil.

4 drops Pure Lavender Oil
4 drops Pure Rose Oil (Rose Otto)
6 tsp Pure Argan Oil
– Mix together and store in a dark glass bottle. Keep away from eye area.

The Argan Tree

  1. Also Known as the “Tree of Life”
  2. Trees Live up to 200 years
  3. Helps Maintain Soil Fertility
  4. Classified as world Patrimony/Culture by UNESCO

Uses for Argan Oil

For the Skin

  1. Non Fragrant, Carrier Oil
  2. Contains Essential Lipids and Fatty Acids
  3. Reduces Ageing Signs with Vitamin E
  4. Slows wrinkles by Nourishing Dry Skin
  5. Contains Linoleic Acid: Soothing Anti-Inflammatory
  6. Conditions all hair types
  7. Contains Antioxidant Compounds
  8. Use on Dry Skin & Nails, Face & Heels
  9. Condition Dry Hair
  10. Use as an Exfoliate Scrub: Mix with Brown Sugar

As an Edible Oil

  1. Helps Improve Good Cholesterol
  2. Helps Strengthen the Immune System
  3. Contains Antioxidant Properties

Read more about the uses in culture for Argan oil here.

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