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“Soft Skin” Bath Treatment

Nothing is like a nice relaxing bath after a hard day at work, right? For your relaxation session to go perfectly, it is essential to surround yourself with effective, refreshing and above all soothing bath products. What if I told you that I have the perfect recipe you need to transform your bath time into a real relaxing time? and to take care of your skin i the same time?

List of ingredients for a “Soft Skin” Bath

  • Epsom Salt (2 Cups): Flushes out the body and helps restore magnesium levels. Pretty standard really, who hasn’t heard of soaking one’s feet in Epsom salt after a long day, to soothe your aches and pains, and take down swelling.
  • Baking Soda (1 Cup): Great skin cleanser. I’ve used it before to make scrubs or home made cleansers (honey + baking soda + water= easy, simple and AWESOME skin cleanser). It’s also a great deodorizer, so maybe I’ll exit this bath a little less stinky…as one would hope to be upon exiting a bath.
  • Ginger Powder (About 3 tablespoons): Like I said, the ginger is supposed to make you sweat. I do think sweating is a great way of the body to rid itself of excess waste, so I’m all for this. I’m not going to lie though, part of me wonders what the ginger is doing to my vag.
  • Essential Oils/Aromatherapy Oils (About 15 drops): Lavender oil is the most famous essential oil for the bath because it’s calming and relaxing. It’s also very efficient for skin protection. I have to say my favorite essential oil for the bath is Eucalyptus oil. I love the fresh scent.

Note: Rosemary, fennel, sage, eucalyptus, hyssop, camphor and spike lavender (Portuguese lavender) are not recommended as essential oils if you have epilepsy. This is because these essential oils may trigger seizures in some people with epilepsy. Always dilute essential oils to prevent burning of the skin. Pregnant women should consult their herbalist as to which oils are safe for you.

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