20 Detox Foods to Eat for a Total Cleanse

~ 20 Detox Foods for a Total Cleanse ~

Every single day, our body accumulates toxins in various forms mainly due to our modern way of living. From sugars, refined flour, caffeine, alcohol, preservatives, chemical additives, pollutants and pesticides, toxins tend to contaminate the body. It may be from the environment around us such as the air we breath, to the things we put on our skin, to the food we put in our mouths. Of course our body can usually filter most of this effectively, but the cleaner we live and eat, generally the healthier we will be. An overload of these minute toxins places pressure on our cleansing system making the organs work harder and less efficiently, resulting in slow metabolism. So what can you do to help your body out? Try replacing processed foods and junk food snacks high in additives, sugars, salt and saturated fats with foods such as Paleo smoothies, or perhaps Juicer recipes to help cleanse and detox, all with the added benefits of boosting the immune system. Juices that are not too high in sugars are also a wonderful way for weight loss also.
Remember these can all be easily adjusted to suit your taste buds. It doesn’t mean you have to have a horrible tasting green smoothie or juice, you can add some apple, grapes or carrot to sweeten things up naturally!
Kale and spinach recipes are surprisingly good also, because you can add small amounts into so many food dishes and beverages.
Some stay at home Moms wonder what to put into their kids or husband’s lunches while they are at school or work. Try these 90 Lunch Box Recipes by Jane Burton. Great for when the kids are getting bored with their lunch box meals. Variety seems to be the key in the conquest to find favorite foods!

The trick is to eat these healthy ingredients regularly, say, one meal a day, or for all your snack times, rather than going on a strict 100% green or sugar free diet to find you fail within the first month. Rather than a diet, this change is rather like a lifestyle change for good eating habits.

By following a detox diet or no sugar diet, you can bring back the balance to your body.No Sugar Diet 7 Day Sugar Detox Cover

A ‘detox’ is like giving a break for your digestive system. During the detox period, you consume foods that are free from toxins so that your body gets a break from any additional toxins coming in and flushes out the existing ones purifying your system. We give you our top 20 detox foods to cleanse, purify and renew your body and make your skin glow.


List of Everyday Detox Foods

  1. Lemon: A perfect way to begin the morning. Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water to reduce the acid level in the body and help in digestion.
  2. Beetroot: Due to its high fiber content, beet is extremely effective for detoxification. Use it in detox smoothies or salads.
  3. Apple: The fiber and vitamins inside this miracle fruit cleanses the body and energizes.
  4. Avocado: Avocados contain monounsaturated fats, which are indispensable in a detox treatment because they promote the release of bile from the gallbladder. As a result, toxic substances are removed from the body and the inclusion of the vitamins A, D, E, and K is made easier.
  5. Pomegranate: The anthocyanins in pomegranates protect against inflammation and reduce the risk of heart diseases, allergies, cancer and diabetes. Moreover, pomegranates counter aging by reducing the weakening of the collagen in your skin. Add this wonder fruit to a salad or a bowl of cereal.
  6. Quinoa: This is a seed that does not contain yeast and gluten, which makes it perfect as a replacement of cereals, breads and pasta. It contains more protein than grains and contains all essential amino acids. The high protein content is an excellent substitute for meat. Steam quinoa and eat it for a hot breakfast with almond milk, or add it to a salad.
  7. Asparagus: This vegetable is full of vitamins and minerals that fight free radicals. Think of it as a natural form of vitamin pills to protect the liver.
  8. Spinach: Enjoy a breakfast or lunch of freshly squeezed green juice of green vegetables and herbs such as Green Juice Recipes Book - Detox Foodsspinach, kale, celery, cucumber, Swiss chard, parsley and cilantro. Add lemon, green apple, pear and grapefruit for a sweeter flavor.
  9. Garlic: It protects the body against disease with its antibiotic effects and helps regulate the body’s functions by helping it detoxify.
  10. Broccoli: Broccoli is extremely helpful in cleansing the body by activating the liver to flush out toxins. As with leafy greens, broccoli helps the body’s pH balance by alkalizing a high acid diet often linked with highly processed foods.
  11. Green tea: Consume green tea at any time of the day to eliminate toxins and regulate liver function.
  12. Artichoke: This is one of the most effective detox foods. It aids the functioning of the liver and the gallbladder and prevents indigestion.
  13. Watercress: Watercress helps protect cells from holding on to free radicals and is a natural diuretic.
  14. Linseed: This small seeds contain plenty of soluble dietary fiber, which stimulates the bowel movements helping remove toxins from the body.
  15. Radishes: Radishes increase the flow of bile and ensures a healthy gall bladder. It is a vegetable that fills you up during your detox diet without adding calories. Eat it raw (grated) in your salads.

Now that you have the best of detox foods at hand, you should never forget the importance of water. Drinking water is important for the removal of toxins through the liver and kidneys. Do not forget to drink 2 liters of good quality drinking water each day. Go here for fruit infused water recipe ideas.
Eating unprocessed foods as much as possible is the primary key to better health, much like the Paleo lifestyle. A Paleo food list will be useful for when you next go shopping and don’t know what to put in your supermarket trolley.

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