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I’m an author passionate about cooking and eating natural foods straight from nature. Being lucky enough to grow up on a farm in southern Australia helped me appreciate home cooked foods. The cattle and sheep we raised were grass fed, our chickens ate the kitchen scraps and gave us fresh eggs in return. It is a concern of mine that modern day supermarkets are packed with highly processed foods that are usually laden with additives and preservatives.

Paleo Foods Include Meat, Veg, Fruit & Nuts.

Paleo Foods Include Meat, Veg, Fruit & Nuts.

The gluten free and dairy free Paleo lifestyle offers a way to revert back to the basic, common sense approach to eating. Your body will love you for it!

I hope you enjoy my Paleo recipe books and learn more about healthy eating habits in general.

Regularly I run free kindle Paleo recipe book offers, so keep watching out for those.

The Paleo Diet for weight loss encourages a long term healthy lifestyle. The caveman “diet” has changed many lives world wide because people can achieve weight loss without being hungry. This is not a fad diet! When eating Paleo foods the goal is to replace foods low in nutritional value with nutrient rich, high quality natural foods. If you are looking for a Paleo diet book that explains all about the diet itself and a diet food list then this book is for you.

Why grass fed Beef for Paleo

You’ll discover the foods allowed, not allowed and the ones to use in moderation. We’ll go through WHY Paleo and weight loss work well to get results. This guide will help you make food decisions for your weight loss plan and includes many helpful tips along the way.
Grass fed beef, or any animal for that matter, is always better because grass is not processed such as grain fed lots.

The Paleo diet is one of the most natural and healthy lifestyle diets of today.It is not only good for you and general well being, but can help you get the weight loss results and still be satisfied with the diet foods. It can help people that have reactions to many of the chemicals and preservatives often found in packaged foods today. The Paleo diet is also responsible for alleviating the digestion and stomach problems that can result from processed and refined foods.We’ll discuss many of the foods that aren’t allowed on the Paleo diet, and why they aren’t recommended. There is also a list of foods that you can eat and can’t eat. Eating Paleo is all about eating natural foods straight from nature including most fruits and vegetables, fish, meats and nuts. Of course there are some exceptions and we will cover those controversial Paleo foods along with some alternatives that can be used in their place. The caveman diet as it is also known, is really a lifestyle of changing your eating habits for the better.

The Paleo diet for weight loss is achieved by also cutting out or reducing well known things like sugars, carbohydrates and processed foods. The emphasis is more on quality of food intake as apposed to only calorie counting.

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