6 Natural Beauty Hacks to Save Money

Maintaining those perfect beauty standards with bought cosmetics can be expensive and tiresome. But with some simple natural beauty hacks using ingredients found in your bathroom, kitchen and makeup kit, you will be amazed at the results. Moreover, we often run the risk of applying chemical laden cosmetics to our faces with little thought. Here is a natural face moisturizer recipe that doesn’t have that problem. Also check out our beauty articles to discover more homemade recipes and healthy beauty treats for your skin.

Get Gorgeous Now: Six Amazing Natural Beauty Hacks

6 Natural Beauty Products to Make Life Easier

Below are some of the important natural beauty products to make your life easier.


Easily the most versatile everyday ingredient, petroleum jelly has innumerable uses. Some of the uses of this incredible product are as make up remover, eyelash conditioner, and asa substitute for lip gloss. Having difficulty getting rid of those lipstick stains from your teeth? Just rub some Vaseline and see it go away immediately. Out of creme blush? Just mix some lipstick with petroleum jelly and you have the perfect blush. Of course, there is no better product to soften cracked skin than Vaseline.

6 Natural Beauty Hacks to Save Money. Vaseline

Apple Cider Vinegar

The beauty applications for Apple Cider Vinegar are many. Shampoo build up is a frequent problem which can be solved easily by rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar. Moreover, it is known to get rid of dandruff too. For those extremely tough to tame African-American hair, apple cider vinegar is a great detangler. Applied on the skin, it has known to prevent acne and correct hyper-pigmentation.

Coconut Oil

Those who think coconut oil belongs only in the kitchen cannot have been more wrong. Applying coconut oil on your legs before shaving them make them silky smooth. You can deodorize your body with it and also use it strengthen your nails and cuticles. Coconut oil is famed to have anti bacterial properties and can be used to soothe eczema breakouts. Also, few other everyday products can be used as a lip gloss straight up. Try to buy organic.

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Everyday Makeup Products

Many of the makeup products that you use everyday can do a lot more that what you have been using them for until now. Did you know that mascara can be used as an eyeliner? Those gray root hairs have started shoing and you do not have time for the hair stylist? Just cover them with mascara as a quick fix. Blush, especially if it has an earthy tone, can be used as eye shadow. You can always set your lipstick by swiping shimmery eye shadow in a neutral tone.

Lemon and other acidic fruits

Lemon is a natural skin toner and if applied regularly, is known to get rid of age spots and discoloration. Lemon juice mixed with equal parts water and spritz, when used on hair gives you free highlights. A great idea for a natural loofah in the shower is using a slice of pineapple. Strawberry mashed and mixed with baking soda is known to work as a teeth whitener. The chemical constituent pectin, found in apple is thought to prevent acne.


Egg whites can be spread under the eyes to get rid of those annoying puffy bags. An egg white mask works for many people who have oily skin. Make your own natural and organic hair gel using eggs. It not only nourishes the hair but also helps in repairing damaged hair.

Natural Beauty Hacks - Eggs

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Natural Beauty Hacks Infographic From Visually.

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