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Water Alternatives – Fruit Infused Water Recipes

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~ Fruit Infused Water Recipes ~

There are a variety of opinions on how much water we should be drinking every day. The health authorities recommend eight 8-ounce glasses (half a gallon) or about 2 liters per day. This is especially true during summer time when we lose more moisture through perspiration and/or physical activity.

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Drinking water helps us to stay hydrated and may reduce the amount of food we eat. But what if we don’t like the taste of water, you find it dull, or you have poor water quality in your neighborhood?  Sometimes water just doesn’t have the quality to enjoy drinking it on it’s own. We can satisfy thirst and hydration without resorting to caffeinated or sugar-loaded beverages.

The nutrient rich combinations can be high in antioxidants, help with high blood pressure and other minor ailments such as cold and flu. Lemon and honey is a favorite at my house when a cold strikes.

The healthiest and wonderful water alternative that has become a hot trend right now is solution that infuses fruit or herb water. These beverages are easy to make, full with vitamins and are refreshing tasty to drink. Combinations are endless, use what you have on hand. Choose in season organic fruit and vegetables, and always wash the ingredients before using them. In season fruits have the most vitamin and mineral benefit. Fruit Infused Water can also make a thirst quenching healthy natural preservative free drink when going on an outing.

Try the fruit infused water combinations for fun and your health! They taste amazing. My favorite is lemon and strawberry.

The process of infusing water means steeping fruits, herbs or vegetables with water to fuse all flavors together. It is a healthy substitute for high sugar, preservative laced drinks available at the store. When you choose your own natural flavoring, it tastes better and is better for you.
Drinking infused water is helpful for weight loss if you are one of those people who dislikes drinking the suggested 8 glasses every day! Bottled water quality also varies widely and can be very expensive when consumed regularly.

Infuse Water in a Mason Jar, Infuser Bottle or Other Favorite Container that has a lid and is easy to wash.

Fruit Infuser Water Recipes

Herbs and spices can also be added for that extra flavor burst. Variety is the spice of life!
The easiest recipes just take a minute or two to make, and require very few supplies. First, choose an infuser bottle, jar or pitcher in which to make your infused water.

The latest infuser water bottles like in the picture below, make the whole process super quick and easy, without the mess. Look for a safe Tritan plastic, BPA Free infuser bottle such as this one below. This one has many good reviews on Amazon and comes in a pretty box. (It’s available in a few colors) Right now there is $10 Off this bottle. Here is the coupon Code to ENTER at checkout BIFDF3FB

Fruit Infused Water Bottle in Gift Box

With infuser bottles it makes the whole process easy.
You only need to roughly slice some fruit and place in the center infuser tube. Put it back into the bottle and fill with water. Simple! 

Infusing water is incredibly simple. Theoretically it is possible to make all kinds of flavored water: There are recipes that involve infusion bottles, blenders, boiling, infusion pitchers using a wide range of ingredients. In reality, most people would like to keep things easy. If healthy living is your lifestyle, there is no need to over complicate the making of infused waters.

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